For sale object A240403 reciprocated loafslicer Model B-51 center line. Re building is a option.

For sale A240403.


For Sale: As it is, or as rebuilt, including new electric.


Breadslicer, Model B-51

Machinery information:

Machine direction                        : Strait inn / strait out.

Total machine length                   : 2.0 meters

Total machine width                     : 0.8 meters

Total machine height                    : 1.5 meters

Machine working height              : 1.25 meters in 0.90 out

Length of input conveyor used  :   0.5 meters


Machine capacity                   : 2000 loafs per hour depend on type of loaf

Elektric data:

Power connection                    : 400 volts, neutral and earth.

Power consumption                 : 4.2 kilowatts.

Plug connection                         : CeeForm 5 pin 16 Amp. (round red plug.)

Compressed air                           : No.


Minimum and maximum product dimensions:

Products from 100 to 340 mm long.

Products from 80 to 210 mm wide.

Products from 80 to 160 mm high.


Machine version:

Reciprocating loaf slicer. Cast iron frame

Slice thickness now is 13 mm. other possible on request.

Able to slice half loaf. (centreline knife frames)


Warranty: 3 months.

Price on request