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Who is AVT b.v. and what do we do?

AVT b.v is a manufacturer of Loaf- and cake slicing machines, wrapping machines and bagging machines, clip closing machines as well conveying systems. Beside this program we have a service department for slicing- and wrapping machinery, we are specialized into the bakery branch.

Also its possible to rent machinery by AVT b.v for a short period till longer periods. Inside our shop we make machine parts, repair and re-build machines for a second live.

With a team of mechanical and electrical engineers we develop machines with the newest technology. In our 35 years we got a lot of experience in slicing and packing of a wide range of products. We produce tailormade machines as well a standard range. The smallest machines are simply but effective, that can be used in artisan bakeries. Many of our machines can be used modular, but so designed that they can subsequently in a larger machine set-ups.


We make a strong vertical band-slicer, the WB 2000 for handcraft bakery’s and small industrial bakery’s. The AS-45 and AS-65 are reciprocated frame slicers wit a capacity of 2000 till 3600 loaf per hour. Cake slicers for artisanal bakery’s and industrial bakery’s.

Slicers for buns, rolls and hotdogs. Horizontal band slicer for cake or wide products.

Packaging machines

We have little wrappers for packing 2 or 3 slices of loaf (portion pack), 1 bun or 1 roll.

A series of packing machines named Compact serie. These machines a develop whit the idea that they must be small and handsome. Mostly suitable for handcraft- and middle bakery’s. We produce the Alpha line, packaging conveyors, started for semi-automatic packing and to be use as outfeed conveyor for our bagging machines. Sigma Bag loaders, the model Basic, A and B, with a capacity started by 1500 per hour tot more than 3000 per hour. Further we have flow packing machines in our program, the Ohmega A and B.

Clip closing machines

AVT b.v produce 2 types of clip closing machinery, The WSK is the machine to handle flat full plastic clips. We have closing machines for plastic- and paper bags. The WSC line is a clipping machine what we can use on a different positions, up or down. Some users like a date on the clip and a print position at front off the package. The printer we use is our AHT printer, a hot stamp can print price, date and lot number at the clip.

Conveying systems

Conveying systems are always specific made for a solution. Length, speed, width or type of belt. Dry or wet products. Curve’s, strait line changers, sideways or up/down everything is possible. We don’t make cooling tracks ! , but we are specialized in that part what other company’s don’t like to produce.

Take a look on our web side, and for question, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you are looking for a specific solution. Not all solutions are at our web site ! Thanks for visit us !

AVT b.v. Professional partner in slicing and packaging !!

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